Agapie Group

Agapie Group Inorganic, Organometallic and Bioinorganic Chemistry
Synthesis, Mechanism and Catalysis

Research in the Agapie laboratory is targeted toward developing new materials and catalysts for sustainable technologies by using inspiration from biological systems. Some of the most fascinating catalysts in Nature display complex inorganic cofactors, sometimes in combination with organic cofactors, and perform chemical transformations (water reduction and oxidation, carbon dioxide reduction, dinitrogen reduction, dioxygen reduction) that are arguably prerequisites for the advance of society in the current context of limiting energy resources and environmental concerns. The group’s approach to these chemical transformations is centered on the synthesis and study of metal complexes relevant to catalysis. Given the scale of the potential applications, we focus on studies of inexpensive and abundant first-row transition metals. To these ends we have developed new methodologies for the synthesis of complex inorganic targets and have performed mechanistic studies to understand the properties and reactivity of these compounds. The graphic above highlights some of our results and approaches.


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Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-Doctoral Work ↓
13)Ian A. Tonks, Daniel Tofan, Edward C. Weintrob, Theodor Agapie, and John E. Bercaw “Zirconium and Titanium Propylene Polymerization Precatalysts Supported by a Fluxional C2-Symmetric Bis(anilide)pyridine Ligand” Organometallics 2012, 31 1965-1974. link
12)Theodor Agapie, Sandy Suseno, Joshua J. Woodward, Stefan Stoll, R. David Britt, and Michael A. Marletta “NO formation by a catalytically self-sufficient bacterial nitric oxide synthase from Sorangium cellulosumsProc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 2009, 106 (38), 16221-16226. link
11)Theodor Agapie, Michael W. Day, and John E. Bercaw “Synthesis and Reactivity of Tantalum Complexes Supported by Bidentate X2 and Tridentate LX2 Ligands having Two Phenolates Linked to Pyridine, Thiophene, Furan, and Benzene Connectors – Mechanistic Studies of the Formation of a Tantalum Benzylidene and Insertion Chemistry for Tantalum Carbon Bonds” Organometallics 2008, 27 (23), 6123-6142. link
10)Theodor Agapie, Lawrence M. Henling, Antonio G. DiPasquale, Arnold L. Rheingold, and John E. Bercaw “Zirconium and Titanium Complexes Supported by Tridentate LX2 Ligands having Two Phenolates Linked to Furan, Thiophene, and Pyridine Donors: Precatalysts for Propylene Polymerization and Oligomerization” Organometallics 2008, 27 (23), 6245-6256. link
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8)Theodor Agapie and John E. Bercaw “Cyclometallated Tantalum Diphenolate Pincer Complexes: Intramolecular C-H/M-CH3 σ– Bond Metathesis May Be Faster than O-H/M-CH3 Protonolysis" Organometallics 2007, 26 (12), 2957-2959. link
7)Smaranda C. Marinescu, Theodor Agapie, Michael W. Day, and John E. Bercaw "Group 3 Dialkyl Complexes with Tetradentate (L, L, N, O; L = N, O, S) Monoanionic Ligands – Synthesis and Reactivity" Organometallics 2007, 26 (5), 1178-1190. link 
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5)Theodor Agapie, Susan J. Schofer, Jay A. Labinger, and John E. Bercaw “Mechanistic Studies of the Ethylene Trimerization Reaction with Chromium – Diphosphine Catalysts: Experimental Evidence for a Mechanism Involving Metallacyclic Intermediates” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2004, 126 (5), 1304-1305. link 
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3)Theodor Agapie, Paula L. Diaconescu, Daniel J. Mindiola and Christopher C. Cummins “Radical Scission of Symmetrical 1,4-Dicarbonyl Compounds: C-C Bond Cleavage with Titanium(IV) Enolate Formation and Related Reactions” Organometallics 2002, 21 (7), 1329-1340. link 
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5) Agapie T.; Xiong, S.; Bailey, B. C.; Spinney, H. A.; Nett, A. J.; Wilson, D. R.; Klosin, J. "Bis (Phosphino)–Phenoxy Nickel (II) Catalysts for the Copolymerization of Ethylene and Acrylate Monomers" Serial Number: PCT/US2020/046767, Filed: 8/18/2020.
4) Agapie, T.; Rosas-Hernandez, A.; Li, F.; Peters, J. C.; Sargent, E. H.; Thevenon, A "The Stabilization ofa CO-Bound Intermediate via Molecular Tuning Promotes CO2-to-Ethylene Conversion" Serial Number: PCT/US2020/041583, Filed: 7/10/2020.
3) Han, Z.; Kortlever, R.; Chen, H.-C.; Peters, J.C.; Agapie, T.; Rosas-Hernandez, J.A.; Thevenon, A. "Product Selectivity for CO2 Reduction" Patent Serial Number:15/950,150, Filed: 4/10/2018.
2) Radlauer, M.; Wiensch, J.D.; Buckley, A.K.; Agapie, T. "Multi-metallic organometallic complexes, and related polymers, compositions, methods and systems" Patent 9233996.
1) Agapie, T.; Golisz, S.R.; Tofan, D.; Bercaw, J.E. "Non-metallocene organometallic complexes and related methods and systems" Patent US007847099.

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Theodor Agapie was born in 1979 in Bucharest, Romania. He received his B.Sc. degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2001 and his Ph.D. from California Institute of Technology in 2007. Upon completion of his Ph.D. he moved to University of California, Berkeley as a Miller Postdoctoral Fellow.

Theo developed his passion for chemistry during high school and participated in chemistry competitions; he won two silver medals at the International Chemistry Olympiads as part of the Romanian team. While an undergraduate at MIT, he worked with Professor Christopher C. Cummins for more that three and a half years on atom and fragment transfer chemistry involving metal complexes, on titanium-ketyl radical chemistry, and on DFT computations to detail the electronic structure of synthesized complexes. At graduation, he received the Chemistry Department's Alpha Chi Sigma Award for achievement in research, scholarship, and service to the department. At Caltech, Theo worked under the tutelage of Professor John E. Bercaw on mechanistic and synthetic aspects of chromium-based olefin oligomerization catalysis and on developing new early transition metal nonmetallocene olefin polymerization catalysts. His Ph.D. thesis received Caltech's Chemistry Department Herbert Newby McCoy Award for outstanding contribution to the science of chemistry. Upon graduation, in May 2007, Theo moved to UC Berkeley to work with Professor Michael A. Marletta as a Miller Institute Fellow. There, he focused on mechanistic aspects of biochemical nitric oxide synthesis involving the metalloprotein nitric oxide synthase.

Theo returned to Caltech on February 11, 2009 to start his independent career as Assistant Professor of Chemistry. He was promoted to Professor of Chemistry in December, 2014. Selected awards include the Searle Award (2010), Sloan Fellowship (2012), NSF CAREER Award (2012), ACS Award in Pure Chemistry (2013), Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE, 2014), and Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award (2014).

Post-Doctoral Scholars

MattMatthew Espinosa
Yale University, Ph.D. '21
University of Florida, B.S. '16
ParamitaParamita Saha
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Ph.D. '23
Jadavpur University, M.Sc. '17
Jadavpur University, B.Sc. '15

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University of California, Santa Barbara '21
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Amherst College '22
B.A. Chemistry and Mathematics
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Georgia Institute of Technology '22
B.Sc. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
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Yale University '23
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Fudan University '23
B.S. Chemistry

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SulaimanSulaiman AlKadi
Caltech '27
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Caltech '27

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PriyabrataPriyabrata Ghana
Now: Assistant Professor IIT Gandhinagar, India
Postdoctoral Researcher - RWTH Aachen University, 2018-2021
University of Bonn, Ph.D. '17
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, M.Sc. '11
University of Calcutta, B.Sc. '09
WeixuanWeixuan Nie
Now: Assistant Professor Westlake University, China
University of Michigan, Ph.D. '21
Nanjing Univeristy, M.Sc. '15 B.S. '12
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Now: Intel. San Francisco, CA
University of Michigan, Ph.D. '21
University of Cincinnati, B.S. '16
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Now: Twelve; Berkeley, CA
Yale University, Ph.D. '20
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, B.S. '15
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Now: Assistant Professor University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Shoshani Group Website
University of Windsor, Ph.D. '18, B.S. '13
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Now: Assistant Professor University of Minnesota Twin Cities
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(Joint with Peters Group)
Now: Formosa Plastics
Texas A&M University Ph.D. '12
National Taiwan University B.S. '06
ShinGyeongshin Choi
Now: LG

Osaka University Ph.D. '14
Ajou University B.S. '08
ZhijiZhiji Han
Now: Professor - Sun-Yat Sen University

University of Rochester Ph.D. '14
Shantou University B.S. '06
DaveDave E. Herbert
Now: Assistant Professor - University of Manitoba, Canada
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University of Bristol Ph.D. '10
University of Toronto M.Sc. '06
University of King's College B.S. '04
RuudRuud Kortlever
Now: Assistant Professor - Delft University of Technology

Leiden University Ph.D. '15, M.Sc. '11, B.S. '09
AlejoAlejo Lifschitz
Now: Dow

Northwestern University Ph.D. '15
Dickinson College B.S. '10
Po-HengPo-Heng Lin
Now: Assistant Professor - National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan
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University of Ottawa Ph.D. '12
National Tsing Hua University M.S. '04
National Chung Cheng University B.S. '02
SitiSiti Riduan
Now: A-Star Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
Research Scientist

National University of Singapore
Ph.D. '13
B.S. Chemistry '05
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Now: Assistant Professor - Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
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Weizmann Institute of Science Ph.D. '14
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NaokiNaoki Shida
Now: Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo Institute of Technology Ph.D. '16
Yokohama National University B.S. '11

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GavinGavin Heim
Now: Intel, Hillsboro, OR
Caltech Ph.D. '24
University of California, San Diego '18
B.S. Biochemistry and Chemistry
AnnaAnna Scott
Now: Postdoc, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion
Caltech Ph.D. '23
Montana State University '17
B.S. Chemistry
AngelaAngela Shiau
Now: Postdoc, UC Davis
Caltech Ph.D. '23
UC Berkeley '17
B.S. Chemistry
ShuoyanShuoyan Xiong
Now: Postdoc, UC Berkeley
Caltech Ph.D. '23
USTC '17
B.E. Polymer Materials & Engineering
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University of Rochester '14
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H.B.Heui Beom Lee
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B.S.E. Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
MarcusChoon Heng Low (Marcus)
Now: Experimental Drug Development Centre, Singapore
Caltech Ph.D. '19
Imperial College '12
B.S. Chemistry
JessicaJessica Sampson
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Caltech Ph.D. '18
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Caltech Ph.D. '19
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B.S. Chemistry and Biochemistry
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Caltech Ph.D. '19
University of Virginia '14
B.S. Chemistry
JoshJoshua Buss
Now: Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
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Caltech Ph.D. '18
Claremont McKenna College '12
B.A. Chemistry
StevenSteven Chao
Caltech M.S. '11
University of Texas B.S. '08
GuyGuy A. Edouard
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Caltech Ph.D. '15
Harvard College B.A. '10
JustinJustin Henthorn
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Caltech Ph.D. '16
Ohio University B.S. '10
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JacobJacob Kanady
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Caltech Ph.D. '14
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Post-Doctoral Scholar, University of Washington
Caltech Ph.D. '14
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AlexAlexandria Hong
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Nicholas"Nicholas Roubineau
Post Baccalaureate Student 2021-2022

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WAVE Fellow 2021

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Caltech '15
MarcoMarco Lopez
Now: Graduate Student - UWisconsinMadison

Cal State LA '18
JudyJudy Mou
Caltech '13
EvaEva Nichols
Now: Assistant Professor - University of British Columbia
Nichols Group Website

Post-Doctoral Scholar, Yale University
UC Berkeley Ph.D. '18

Caltech '12
Wei JianWei Jian Ong
Caltech '13
DannyDanny Perez
The University of Texas at San Antonio '19
DianeDiane Rafizadeh
Now: Graduate Student - Penn, MD-PhD(Chem)

Yale University '19
JeffJeffrey Rosenberg
Now: Graduate Student - MIT

Caltech '17
JadeJade Shi
Now: Graduate Student - Stanford University

Caltech '12
DiamondDiamond Thomas
University of Michigan '18
AgnesAgnes Thorarinsdotter
Now: Graduate Student - Northwestern University

University of Iceland '15
AlexAlexandra Velian
Now: Assistant Professor - University of Washington
Velian Group Website

Post-Doctoral Scholar, Columbia University
MIT Ph.D. '14
Caltech B.S. '09
RuomengRuomeng Wan
Caltech '18
AndreasAndreas Wierschen
Now: Graduate Student - University of North Carolina

University of North Carolina '11
AbrahamAbraham Yanez-McKay
Now: Graduate Student - Northwestern University

Michigan State University '11
VictorYuanchi "Victor" Zhao
Yale University '13

Visiting Scholar Alumni

AimeeAimee Bryan
University of California at Davis Ph.D. '15
NaofumiNaofumi Hara

Graduate Student - Kyoto University
MasaMasanari Hirahara
Research Associate - National Defense Academy of Japan
Kyushu University
Ph.D. '11
B.S. '06
HitoshiHitoshi Izu
Graduate Student - SOKENDAI
YujiYuji Nishii
Osaka University, Ph.D.
MikuMiku Oi
University of Tokyo, M.Sc. '17
Tokyo University of Science, B.S. '15
JihaeJihae Park
Ajou University
Ph.D. Chemistry '14
B.S. Applied Chemistry '09
DavidDavid Schmidl
University of Munich
YoheiYohei Ueda
Osaka University, Ph.D.
DavitDavit Zargarian
Professor - University of Montréal
University of Ottawa, Ph.D. '92
University of Waterloo M.Sc. '87
University of Toronto B.S. '85

Group Photos

/Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group000.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group001.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group002.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group003.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group004.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group005.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group006.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group007.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group009.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group010.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group011.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group012.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/9999999_Group_Photos/group013.jpg

June Lake Retreat February 2015

/Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC01136.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0022.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0052.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0053.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0054.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0063.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0066.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0067.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0072.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0073.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0077.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0114.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0116.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0119.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0132.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0139.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0145.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0170.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0177.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0198.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/DSC_0218.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/IMG_20150201_090200_568.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2015-02_June_Lake_Retreat/IMG_20150201_100112_734.jpg

Agapie and Marinescu Groups Trip to Piute Pass and Bishop Pass August 2014

/Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC00612.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC00631.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC00636.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC00654.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0001.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0006.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0009.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0014.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0016.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0020.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0021.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0033.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0036.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0037.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0038.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0039.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0042.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0044.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0056.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0069.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0076.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0077.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0078.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0081.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0082.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0085.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0090.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0096.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0099.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0112.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0122.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0140.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0142.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0143.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0148.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/DSC_0151.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/IMG_1136.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/IMG_1153.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/IMG_1155.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/IMG_1170.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/IMG_1186.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2014-08_Agapie_and_Marinescu_Groups_Trip_to_Piute_Pass_and_Bishop_Pass/IMG_1188.jpg

Kearsarge Pass Trip August 2013

/Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0097.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0099.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0152.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0154.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0156.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0162.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0167.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0168.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0185.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0188.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0189.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0190.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0191.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0207.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0212.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0229.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0233.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0237.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0242.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0255.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0257.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0260.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0279.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0284.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0285.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0286.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2013-08_Kearsarge_Pass_Trip/DSC_0287.jpg

Mono Pass Trip August 2012

/Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0003.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0012.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0013.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0015.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0016.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0018.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0019.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0022.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0027.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0028.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0033.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0038.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0039.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0042.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0043.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0045.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0049.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0051.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0055.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0057.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0059.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0061.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0066.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0068.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0077.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2012-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0079.jpg

Palisade Glacier Trip August 2011

/Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0001.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0004.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0008.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0018b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0019b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0021.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0025.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0037b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0041.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0042.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0045b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0053.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0058.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0061b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0064.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0065b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0075.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0079b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0083.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0090b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0096b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0101.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0106.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0107b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0112b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0113.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0114.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0123.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0127b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0135b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0137b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0139.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0140b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0149.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0153.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0157.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0158.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0171.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0173b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0177b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0187.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0194.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0195b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2011-08_Palisade_Glacier_Trip/DSC_0200b.jpg

Bishop Pass Trip August 2010

/Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSCF1473.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSCF1476.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSCF1477.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSCF1482.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSCF1485.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSCF1486.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSCF1502.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSCF1510.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSCF1513.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0062.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0063.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0067.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0071.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0074.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0084.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0088.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0100.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0109.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0110.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0114b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0117.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0119.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0125b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0134b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0137.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0138b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0140b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0146b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0151.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0156b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0167b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0179b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0181b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0185b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0190b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0204b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0209b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0212b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0227b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0228b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0233b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0235.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0246b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0251b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0265b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0267b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0274b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0279b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0284b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0290b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0292b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2010-08_Bishop_Pass_Trip/DSC_0299b.jpg

Mono Pass Trip August 2009

/Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0012.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0022.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0032.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0040.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0051.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0060.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0064.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0071.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0083.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0089.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0100.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0101.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0113.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0122.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0128.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0130.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0143.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0152.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0165.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0177.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0180.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0198.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0202.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0205.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0215.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0230.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0233.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0240.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0270.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0281.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0290.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0314.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-08_Mono_Pass_Trip/DSC_0327.jpg

Huntington Beach BBQ July 2009

/Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0001.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0002.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0003.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0009.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0018.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0021.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0026.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0029.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0033.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0041.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0044.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0071.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0072.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0075.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-07_Huntington_Beach_BBQ/DSC_0093.jpg

Lab Initiation February 2009

/Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-02_Lab_Initiation/DSC_0208.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-02_Lab_Initiation/DSC_0210.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-02_Lab_Initiation/DSC_0215.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-02_Lab_Initiation/DSC_0221.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-02_Lab_Initiation/DSC_0221b.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-02_Lab_Initiation/DSC_0256.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/photos/2009-02_Lab_Initiation/DSC_0259b.jpg

High School Outreach May 2015

/Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2015-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC01202.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2015-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC01204.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2015-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC01208.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2015-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC01209.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2015-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC01219.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2015-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC01220.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2015-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC01265.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2015-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC01279.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2015-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC01284.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2015-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC01338.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2015-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC01364.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2015-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC01368.jpg

High School Outreach May 2014

/Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC00517.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC00524.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC00530.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC00534.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC00540.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC00550.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC00557.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC00559.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0361.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/IMG_0030.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/IMG_0075.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/IMG_0101.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/IMG_0110.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/IMG_0125.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/IMG_0136.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/IMG_0139.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/IMG_0159.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/IMG_0809.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2014-05_High_School_Outreach/IMG_1118.jpg

High School Outreach May 2013

/Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2013-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0389.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2013-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0395.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2013-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0396.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2013-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0397.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2013-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0401.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2013-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0403.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2013-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0404.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2013-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0409.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2013-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0412.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2013-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0415.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2013-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0420.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2013-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0426.jpg

High School Outreach May 2012

/Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2012-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0312.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2012-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0314.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2012-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0315.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2012-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0321.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2012-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0324.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2012-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0329.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2012-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0330.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2012-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0332.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2012-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0334.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2012-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0336.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2012-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0338.jpg

Summer Chemistry Workshop August 2011

/Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-08_Summer_Chemistry_Workshop/DSC00239.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-08_Summer_Chemistry_Workshop/DSC00240.jpg

High School Outreach May 2011

/Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0484.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0486.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0487.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0495.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0498.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0499.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0508.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0510.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0515.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0516.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0518.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0520.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0522.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0527.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2011-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0529.jpg

High School Outreach May 2010

/Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2010-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0205.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2010-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0208.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2010-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0214.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2010-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0217.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2010-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0218.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2010-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0220.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2010-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0223.jpg /Library/WebServer/Documents/outreach/2010-05_High_School_Outreach/DSC_0227.jpg